Privacy or Open Fence Style:

Privacy fence:

Privacy (usually in the 6′ high variety) will shield you from your neighbors and give you peace of mind that your family pet will not be able to jump out. It will also prevent your dog from being teased by outside distrations or tempted to jump over the fence. Privacy fences also offer more security (our privacy fences come with lockable latches) and of course… privacy.

Open fence:

Picket style either wood or vinyl; chain link, split rail or 3 board rail fences with wire meshing offer the same enclosure to your back yard and containment for your pet. They are also more open. You will be able to see out and others will be able to see in. More wind will flow through your fence and this style fence will be less susceptible to damage if a major storm were to occur. They also cost less. Perhaps the biggest question for these style fences which are usually 4′ in height is will my dog jump over this fence?


There are many different types of materials to build a fence with; Wood, Chain Link (grey or black), Vinyl, Aluminum, Steel and even Composite.

Before investing in some of the more expensive materials that can have a longer life expectancy, ask your self how long do you think you will live in your current residence.

What are the HOA regulations on what materials can be used (many HOAs frown on chain link and vinyl).

Will the fence be an extension of other outdoor structures such as a deck or a gazebo?